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Jon Purizhansky

Jon Purizhansky is the Founder of Joblio, Inc ( ) and is based in Buffalo, New York. Jon Purizhansky is a New York lawyer with years of international experience focused on leveraging technology to bring transparency and efficiency into ecosystems globally.  

The winner of the Abrahamic Business Circle’s “Excellence Innovation Award in Human Rights Protection,” Jon has spent years raising awareness about the plight of migrant workers around the world. He recently represented Joblio at the 2021 Investment in Sustainable Development Conference hosted by the CC Forum in the Cote d’Azur. 

Before founding Joblio as an innovative tech platform, Jon practiced immigration law in the state of New York and gained deep insights into the lives of vulnerable populations on the move. In addition to law and business, Jon is renowned for his public speaking on the topics of humanitarianism and ethical recruitment. At a time when global migration continues to surge, Jon is proud to stand with the migrants supercharging our modern economy.

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