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About Joblio, Inc:

Joblio is a leading technology platform in the global migrant labour industry based in Miami, Florida. Founded by Jon Purizhansky in 2020, Joblio is chaired by David Arkless, former Global President of the ManpowerGroup. Its cutting-edge platform allows employers to negotiate directly with workers anywhere around the world. 

Joblio is empowering corporate employers and international leaders to uphold human rights around the globe. By circumventing harmful middlemen who prey upon vulnerable migrants, Joblio is injecting transparency and ethics into a shadowy industry plagued by corruption. With the help of its global network of ambassadors, Joblio is dedicated to raising awareness about the struggles facing migrant labourers everywhere. 

By preventing fraud and ensuring compliance with labour laws, Joblio is shifting power back into the hands of the workers who fuel our global economy. In 2021, Joblio received the "Excellence Innovation Award in Human Rights Protection'' from the Abrahamic Business Circle.

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