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5 Benefits Hiring International Employees

Updated: May 22, 2021

When your business has vacant positions available that need to be filled quickly, Joblio can help you get the job done. By directly connecting employers with international job applicants, Joblio makes it possible to get your company back on track and running smoothly.

There are many advantages to hiring international employees with Joblio. As a business owner, you can expand your recruiting efforts as you keep your business up and running—all without the assistance of a middleman.

5 Benefits of Hiring International Employees Using the Joblio Platform

Here are five of the best reasons why business owners should use the Joblio app to hire employees from foreign countries.

Ethical Recruitment Compliance

When hiring a foreign employee to work for the company, you must assure them of your fair working conditions. As HR execs throughout the world are aware, behavioural science dictates that happy staff adds to the success of their employer. Fair working conditions, in turn, make a happy staff. Ultimately, every employer wins from offering fair working conditions to their prospective employees. When workers find employment via the Joblio App, they are hired by their employers in compliance with the principles of Ethical Recruitment as articulated by the International Organization for Migration”. Joblio’s primary goal is to guarantee the protection of all foreign employee rights under local laws. International workers can also enjoy peace of mind knowing that Joblio is not only compliant with multiple intergovernmental organisations and UN agencies, including the International Labour Organization and the International Organization for Migration, but goes beyond compliance. Joblio protects and safeguards the Ethical Recruitment principles as articulated by the IOM.

Save Time and Money

Companies can benefit from using the Joblio application in more ways than one. The benefits of hiring international workers using the app include a decrease in the constant churn of workers and increased work productivity.

Business owners using the platform have access to the simple yet effective Joblio hiring process designed with the global labor market in mind. Joblio’s CEO Jon Purizhansky says that a new era in the recruitment industry is benchmarked by Joblio. Employees all over the globe are able to find ethical and well-paid work with just a few clicks.

By using Joblio technology, employers have direct access to potential employees.

The technology allows you to decrease the time and energy spent on the recruiting and hiring process. Our web portal also helps with completing all the necessary documents required to expedite the recruitment and migration process.

Fill Up Positions Quickly

When your business is short-staffed, it impacts more than just your profits. Your current employees may have to take on extra work to maintain a steady production rate. These additional tasks may not be what your current workers are used to doing each day and the burden could cause a decrease in morale throughout the workplace.

Using Joblio’s technology to hire foreign workers, you can quickly fill up your vacant positions with employees who are motivated to work.

No Middlemen

High-quality employees are an essential element that any business requires. For that reason, Joblio makes it possible for employers to have direct contact with their potential workers. This also helps to guarantee that the job applicant is the right person for the job

At Joblio, we have eliminated the middlemen because we feel they make the hiring process less efficient and more expensive. In contrast, we connect business owners and international workers using a secure and transparent medium, allowing employers and future employees to discuss their options and come to an agreement that works best for both parties.

By removing the middlemen from the hiring process, Joblio creates a transparent, compliant and more advantageous environment for both the employers and the employees.

Assistance with the Work Permit Process

Migrant workers are an essential asset for many different companies in various industries. Unfortunately, many business owners refuse to hire them because of the complexity of work permits.

Completing all the paperwork associated with obtaining work permits for international employees can be an intimidating process, but in some instances, migrant labour may be the only solution available to the employers unable to secure staff domestically.

At Joblio, we help with the entire work permit process. We collect the necessary data needed to file the permits to make your job much easier. By helping with this sometimes confusing task, we optimize the hiring process, allowing more employers to hire international applicants quickly and more efficiently.

How Does the Joblio Platform Work?

The Joblio app helps employers find workers who are willing to take on all types of tasks and fill the void where their company is short-staffed. Employers can connect directly with foreign workers looking for a new job, all without the help of a middleman. All job candidates are thoroughly evaluated based on KYC procedures that include a background check to ensure they are a safe and reliable choice for your company.

After the system matches an employer with an employee, the worker begins to prepare for their new job in a new country. Here at Joblio, we understand how important it is for international workers to be fully prepared to start working as migrant workers. We take the time to educate all workers on the laws and customs of their host country. We also ensure that all applicants pass COVID tests in compliance with the current regulations for their host country before they arrive at their destination.

Both the employer and international employees will receive ongoing support with us here at Joblio. CEO Jon Purizhansky says that using Joblio technology individuals from all over the world are able to come together to form tight-knit communities of hard-working people. The Joblio Platform helps ease the transition by assisting workers to gain access to essentials such as phone services, banking, and telemedicine options.

Are You Interested in Hiring Employees in Foreign Countries for Your Business?

When you need additional employees to assist with everyday tasks, migrant workers hired through Joblio can provide affordable, high-quality labor. To learn more about what international employees can offer your business, take the time to find, interview, and hire your new migrant workers by using the Joblio Global Platform. You can be assured you are making the right decision thanks to our extensive background checks and identity verification process.

Contact one of our representatives and we can help you get started with the process of hiring migrant workers. Joblio has created a transparent medium where business owners and employees can meet and discuss their options without any interference from a middleman. Contact us today or visit our website to find out more about the benefits of hiring international employees through Joblio

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