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  • Jon Purizhansky

Founder and CEO of

Founder and CEO of Jon Purizhansky points out that according to Human Rights Watch, An Italian program to provide undocumented migrants with a pathway to residency adopted amid the Covid-19 pandemic did not live up to its promise.

The Italian government struggled for years with the problem of undocumented migrants. At the same time, there is dire need for staff within the industries of agriculture and healthcare in Italy. Jon Purizhansky accents that the program created two pathways for undocumented migrants to acquire a temporary residency permit.

An employer sponsorship option limited to the agricultural sector, including livestock and fisheries, and the home care sectors, including care for people in their home and domestic work. It was available to people already employed irregularly – or with someone willing to hire them in these sectors – and who could prove they were in Italy before March 8. The other was a jobseeker permit available to people who became undocumented on or after October 31, 2019 and could prove that they were previously employed in agriculture or home care.

However, Italian employers are experiencing shortages of staff all across all the industries and not just the agriculture and the healthcare sectors. Despite the severity of the labor shortages, undocumented workers in construction, hospitality, and logistics, for example, were unable to apply for the program. The program also created an opportunity for fraud and further exploitation of vulnerable migrants, with reports of fictitious labor contracts being sold for up to €7,000.

Clearly, Italy requires an innovative approach that will bring transparency, compliance and efficiency into the industry of labor migration.

A global technology powered social impact project, Joblio directly connects employers who need staff with workers globally. Jon Purizhansky says that employers are able to post job opportunities that become visible to job applicants via or a native Joblio app available on all Apple and Android devices. Most importantly, Joblio removes all middlemen who exist in the chain between employers and employees and, therefore, catalyzes the process of hiring and optimizes efficiency for both, the employers and the employees. Jon Purizhansky points out that transparency created by Joblio not only creates economic efficiencies, but also protects human rights.

It is for this reason that Joblio could become a real de-facto solution for the undocumented migrant crises in Italy. Jon Purizhansky says that Joblio invites everyone to join its global fight against the inequities and the unfairness that currently exist within the space of global labor migration.

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