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  • Jon Purizhansky

Halting The Migrant Crisis Using Joblio

The ongoing migrant crisis in Europe continues to challenge government officials, NGOs, and private businesses desperately trying to manage the flow of people across borders. While some temporary measures have helped authorities regain control, a long-term solution to disorganized and dangerous migration is sorely needed.

WIth the Joblio platform, we can halt the migrant crisis and establish a more sensible migration system. Here’s how Joblio’s revolutionary technology can make migration more manageable.

Hundreds are missing or dead

Each year, tens of thousands of migrants are arriving in Europe from the sea, though not all of them manage to complete this perilous voyage. According to UN data, nearly 600 were reported missing or dead from sea-based crossings in 2019 alone. Without immediate and serious action on the part of government officials and European businesses, this grim figure may keep rising.

“We have been far too ambivalent about the wellbeing of migrants,” notes Joblio CEO

.“Many European industries are utterly dependent upon migrant labour to remain operational, yet we regularly implement dizzying laws that restrict migration and make life difficult for current labourers.”

At a time when many European companies are grappling with crippling labour shortages, many European lawmakers are actively making it difficult for migrants to make new lives here. This depresses economic growth, encourages undocumented migration, and fuels humanitarian crises which shock and anger us with heartbreaking images.

Build a better tomorrow with Joblio

Once we harness the Joblio platform to put an end to migrant labour exploitation, we can begin building a more sustainable economic future. As we’ve already seen, migrants can successfully integrate into European societies despite some populist backlash against their acceptance. This process begins with destigmatizing migrants.

With platforms like Joblio, migrants can quickly find work abroad. This next-generation service also provides language support, assistance with document management, and never charges migrants a penny in return for job opportunities. When European businesses begin to understand the true extent of Joblio’s platform, they’ll come to view migration as a commercial opportunity rather than a cultural threat.

“What we need to remind everyone is that migration is a serious economic and humanitarian issue,” says Jon Purizhansky. “While it’s important we open our hearts to their suffering, it’s also critical to recall that migrant labour iis a sound investment in our mutual future.”

As Europe approaches a serious labour crunch in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, this is becoming more obvious with each passing day. Business owners and public figures must loudly remind the public that qualified migrant labourers recruited through platforms like Joblio will prove indispensable for future economic growth.

Overcoming hurdles to success

There are a few key issues we must focus on to ensure the migrant crisis is truly ended. Lackluster legislation currently muddies the waters and makes it difficult for businesses to understand commercial regulations. During an economic downturn, this has the added effect of killing struggling businesses which might have survived if regulations had been more clear.

The next is convincing the public that critical labour shortages in vital industries may only be remediable with the help of migrant labourers. The importation of qualified migrant labour cannot be viewed as a threat by the public, but must come to be recognized as a beneficial public policy for all.

Finally, backwards public opinion and simple bigotry continue to pollute minds across the Western world. Open hearts as well as clever minds are required for ending the migrant crisis. Luckily, the Joblio platform combines a wise solution to current employment problems with a compassionate approach to human rights.

“There’s no reason for Europe to keep stumbling in the dark,” says Jon Purizhansky. “With the Joblio platform, we can bring an end to the migrant crisis and prevent future humanitarian disasters.”

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