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  • Jon Purizhansky

Joblio In 5 Fast Facts

Joblio is trusted by countless migrants all around the world in search of new jobs. Yet Joblio is more than a simple job board – it’s a global community of migrants and employers.

Here are 5 major facts that you may not know about the Joblio platform.

1. Joblio Is The Proud Winner Of Humanitarian Awards

Joblio doesn’t just preach human rights – we protect them, too. Joblio CEO Jon Purizhansky was honored with the “Excellence Innovation Award in Human Rights Protection” in Dubai following his years of service to the migrant community.

2. Joblio Has A Global Presence

Joblio is based in the United States but has a truly global presence. Did you know that Joblio has offices in the US, Poland, Moldova, and Azerbaijan? Joblio also has representatives or ambassadors on every continent except Oceania and Antarctica!

3. Joblio Candidates Are Sourced From 12 Countries

The Joblio platform is now so popular that it draws in candidates from around the world. From Nigeria to Nepal, talented workers are rising to the occasion in every industry. Workers from nearly every continent can count on Joblio to find a new life abroad.

4. More than 1,000 Joblio Candidates Are Waiting For Work Permits

Joblio is providing so many employment opportunities that more than 1,000 qualified candidates are currently in processing and awaiting work permits from their host countries. No matter what labor shortages arise in the future, Joblio has a deep pool of talented workers to guarantee economic growth for everybody.

5. Joblio Provides Free Language Classes For All Workers

Joblio is invested in the success of our job candidates. That’s why we provide free language classes as part of ACE : Applicant Concierge Experience, to all successful candidates, ensuring quick integration and cultural cohesion. With the help of the Joblio platform, countless migrants enjoy the opportunity to learn a new language for free as they seek work abroad.

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