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Joblio Inc. Appoints Tsvi Kan-Tor as Vice Chairman of the Executive Board

Joblio Inc., the transparent and tech-enabled recruitment platform for foreign talent, today announced the appointment of Tsvi Kan-Tor as Vice Chairman of its Executive Board. A seasoned legal luminary, Kan-Tor will bring his wealth of knowledge and experience to ensure that Joblio works seamlessly with other global organizations in upholding labor laws and protecting the rights of foreign workers. The announcement is made by Joblio Founder and CEO Jon Purizhansky, subsequent to other notable board additions, including its new Chairman, David Arkless.

“We are all excited to have someone of Tsvi’s caliber join us in advancing ethical employment of foreign talent,” said Purizhansky. “Tsvi possesses an unmatched experience and understanding of global labor laws and has been instrumental in developing some of the guidelines that defend and protect the rights of migrant workers today.”

Kan-Tor is a founding partner of Kan-Tor & Acco, a global corporate immigration law firm headquartered in Israel, and is a leading expert in business immigration and global migration. He has developed strategic, proactive, and advanced immigration programs and solutions regarding the international transfer of employees in numerous sectors, including tech and biotech, pharmaceutical, construction, energy, gas, and transportation.

A regular commentator on employment-related immigration law, Kan-Tor earned a law degree from Tel Aviv University and has served as Chair of the Visa Committee of the Israel America Chamber of Commerce since 2016. He is a member of the Committee on Foreign Workers of the Israel Bar Association, responsible for leading legislative and policy activities concerning the entry of foreign experts to Israel, and is a member of the Immigration & Nationality Law Committee of the International Bar Association and a foreign attorney member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association. For his many professional accomplishments in the field of immigration law, Kan-Tor has been recognized in the prestigious Who’s Who of Corporate Immigration Lawyers.

“Joblio’s goal is to prove that global recruiting can be done in a fully compliant, efficient, fair, transparent and equitable manner. My role is to help Joblio prove that it is possible to achieve all of that,” said Kan-Tor, who will continue his role at Kan-Tor & Acco while serving as Vice Chairman of Joblio’s Executive Board.

Regarded as the gold standard in the field of international recruiting, Joblio is on a mission to redefine the global labor market with a transparent, systematized, and humanized platform that is accessible to workers and employers around the world. As global labor shortages continue to put a strain on supply chains, more employers are looking internationally to add skilled and talented workers to their organizations. Through its proprietary Applicant Concierge Experience (ACE) program, Joblio not only helps workers find foreign employment, it also prepares them to acclimate to their new homes before they even leave their country. For more information, visit


Founded by N.Y. attorney Jon Purizhansky and chaired by David Arkless, the former president of the Manpower Group, Joblio operates more efficient recruitment, training, and retraining processes for cross-border employment. The company’s proprietary Applicant Concierge Experience (ACE) program is focused on pre-departure and post-arrival community management, helping international job seekers to begin acclimating to their new homes even before they leave their countries of origin. Differentiated from the non-transparent and inefficient practices of the current global migrant labor market, Joblio’s accessible global platform removes unethical intermediaries from the process, freeing up more economic value for employers and laborers. Its streamlined and transparent hiring process results in faster applicant processing, higher employee satisfaction, and lower employee attrition. To learn more, visit

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