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Joblio Launches Ukrainian Refugee Program

Today on International Women’s Day, Joblio is celebrating women in the workforce all around the globe. Yet while we celebrate, millions of women are endangered by war and crime, especially in Ukraine, where over 2 million refugees – mostly women and children – have already been displaced.

Joblio is committed to helping women in the workforce and is launching a new program to coordinate its historic refugee rescue operation across Eastern Europe.

Ukrainians Need Aid – Joblio Is Stepping Up

Over 2 million Ukrainian refugees have fled their homes in the wake of the Russian invasion, according to the United Nations. That flow of refugees may double in the near future, according to experts. With military-age males staying behind to fight, the vast majority of those fleeing are vulnerable women and children in need of special support.

This historic crisis uniquely endangers women and children. Ukrainian men between the ages of 18-60 are not permitted to flee, ensuring the bulk of these refugees are vulnerable women and children with limited savings. The United Nations warns that this could be the greatest humanitarian crisis since WWII.

“In addition to the over 1.5 million people who have fled from Ukraine since the Russian invasion, there were already nearly 1.5 million people before [the invasion] – two-thirds who are women and children – that had become displaced within the country since the start of conflict in eastern Ukraine and the annexation of Crimea in 2014,” according to Lani Fortier at the International Rescue Committee.

Joblio is stepping up to provide critical childcare, housing, and economic support for women and children during these trying times.

Joblio’s offices in Poland, Romania, and Moldova are actively engaged in helping refugees from Ukraine by helping them secure employment in the EU so that they can sustain their families throughout this crisis.

“This historic crisis deserves nothing less than the full attention and fervor of the international community if Ukrainian lives are to be saved,” notes Joblio CEO and former refugee Jon Purizhansky. “Joblio is calling upon other employers to provide childcare, community support, language services, and housing assistance to refugees fleeing this conflict,” Purizhansky continued. “We must all stand united in our efforts to save Ukrainian lives and provide assistance to vulnerable women and children who need our help.”

Joblio Experts Warn Of Unique Dangers To Women

Joblio’s team of relocation experts warn of unique dangers facing women and children as they navigate war zones, cross borders, and enter new lands for the first time. Human traffickers are known to operate in border regions around the globe during crises, ostensibly providing “free” lodgings to women and children before preying upon them and forcing them into slavery.

“The global community must ensure women, children, and marginalized individuals with special needs are not left behind during this crisis,” warns CEO Jon Purizhansky. “Many of these refugees have limited savings and cannot afford their own lodging, imperiling their future if they’re exploited by human traffickers.”

Employers who take in these fleeing refugees must provide adequate housing, fair wages, and childcare support to Ukrainians fleeing their war-torn homes. “Acknowledging the unique peril facing these women and their children is essential – so is taking action to relieve their burdens,” notes CEO Jon Purizhansky. “That starts with childcare and good housing.”

Joblio offices across Eastern Europe are already hard at work providing this crucial support. “More assistance is coming,” says Jon Purizhansky. “We call upon the entire corporate sector to join our humanitarian quest to secure better lives for Ukrainian refugees.”

How To Help Ukrainian Refugees

HR managers, business owners, and influential individuals who want to help Ukrainian refugees can contact Joblio to join our humanitarian efforts in Ukraine and Eastern Europe.

Contact Joblio at:

You can make a difference! Every refugee who is given housing, employment, and childcare is a life saved. Joblio also encourages those who wish to donate money to refugees to do their research and ensure their donations are going to the right place.

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