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Joblio’s Life-Saving Technology: Story of Amal Elsayed

Every year, tens of millions of people suffer under the yoke of human slavery. Enduring terrible working conditions and meager wages, these individuals often desire a better life abroad but lack the resources or know-how to find work in a new country. Such is the story of Amal Elsayed, an Egyptian national who underwent immense trauma before becoming a Joblio ambassador.

Before Amal found a new life abroad through Joblio’s life-saving platform, she weathered torture and abuse that would push anyone to their limit. This is the story of Amal Elsayed, and how she persevered through immense pain to forge a new and better life for herself.

Overcoming a lifetime of abuse

Long before she was subject to wage-theft and exploitative working conditions, Amal was forced to overcome a lifetime of abuse in her own household. Like others subjected to modern human slavery, Amal endured physical and emotional abuse for years. Raised by an abusive father who was a part of the Egyptian military, Amal was regularly subjected to physical beatings. Despite being subjected to medical mutilation and emotional torment, she strived to educate herself in order to improve her life and contribute to the world.

Amal’s admirable courage in the face of adversity is an important testament to the human spirit. Nevertheless, she found herself in circumstances beyond her own control. Amal was pulled from school against her will and prevented from seeking gainful employment. Her own father publicly threatened to kill her in the wake of her parent’s eventual separation. Besides parental abuse which she endured for years, Amal was also forced to deal with a hostile extended family that sought to return her to her father’s abusive household.

Despite the fact that she managed to escape her father’s clutches, Amal was forced to fend off forced marriage proposals she never consented to, a common practice in Egypt. Relying on a sympathetic family member for shelter, she finally found a job, her own home, and financial independence. For a brief while, Amal’s life seemed to improve drastically.

Things would soon change when her family rediscovered her location. Amal was soon kidnapped and returned to her father, who enviously began to steal her wages. Her tenacity and dedication ensured she was earning more than her father ever had – something he could not abide. While her father eventually allowed Amal to attend university, he continued to control her financial affairs and allowed her only a small sum of money to sustain herself. Every year, workers like Amal lose billions to wage theft conducted by bosses and family members.

Amal starts a new with Joblio’s help

Amal faced the same difficulties that millions of migrants encounter every year: moving to a new country requires extensive paperwork and can be extremely difficult. With the help of her boss, Amal was eventually able to secure a visa in Turkey, where she could breathe free and make a good life for herself. For some time, Amal enjoyed higher wages and a far superior living standard than she had ever known before.

“Despite the pain, the suffering, and the psychological stress that my father caused me, I had hope,” Amal recalled.

Yet work visas are temporary, and Amal was soon threatened with deportation as her legal status neared its expiration date. While her father continued to hound her on the internet, Amal had tirelessly worked to create a new and better life for herself. She knows first-hand how difficult it can be for migrants to manage legal documents while juggling with job offers. That’s why she proudly partnered with Joblio, a global technology platform dedicated to protecting society’s most vulnerable migrants.

With Joblio’s help, Amal gained long-term security in her new home country and began to raise awareness about the plight of migrant labourers. While millions of individuals strive to go abroad each year, few of them are capable of finding ethical and gainful employment alone. Through Joblio’s platforms, employers can find dedicated workers like Amal and help them move abroad to escape their perilous circumstances.

“Nobody should have to struggle with the perils of migration alone,” according to Joblio CEO Jon Purizhansky. “With our technological platform, people like Amal can get the help they need to start a new and better life abroad.”

Joblio empowers migrants around the world

Amal’s life story was once defined by tragedy – but now, she’s in control of the narrative. Empowered by access to a global labour market which enables her to earn high wages without being subject to exploitation, Amal is a success story that other migrant labourers can look up to. Joblio’s mission is to replicate Amal’s success by empowering millions of other migrants around the world, ensuring their human rights are protected as they seek new homes.

By providing a transparent medium of communication between workers and employers, Joblio ensures migrant labourers like Amal can easily find work. It enables them to effortlessly negotiate salary, working hours, and other details with their potential bosses. Perhaps most important of all, Joblio develops local partnerships to ensure national and international laws are obeyed during the migration and hiring process.

Our world can be dangerous and exploitative, but Joblio is shedding light into its darkest corners. With the continued development of Joblio’s cutting-edge platform, millions of migrants can make their dreams a reality by finding work and self-determination around the globe.

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