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Joblio Welcomes Ukrainian Refugees

Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian refugees are in dire need of international assistance. Mothers, fathers, and children of all ages require food, shelter, medical treatment, and opportunities to piece their lives back together after a sudden and violent displacement.

Joblio is welcoming Ukrainian refugees with open arms and stands with the international community in calling for humanitarian protections which ensure no refugees are left behind. Here’s how Joblio is helping Ukrainian refugees, where you can seek help if you’re displaced, and what else must be done to ensure human lives are protected at all costs.

Joblio Provides Shelter, Transit, And Work For Ukranians

More than 500,00 Ukrainian refugees have already fled into surrounding countries, according to the United Nations High Commissioner on Refugees. That number is set to grow in the immediate future, with hundreds of thousands of others immediately impacted and millions of others potentially imperiled in the future.

Joblio is already racing to help these Urkainian refugees. At the behest of US-based lawyer and CEO Jon Purizhansky, himself a refugee of the former USSR, Joblio is fast-tracking an emergency response program to provide transportation and shelter to Ukrainians fleeing conflict. Food and work opportunities will also be provided to ensure their livelihoods are not further fractured by events outside of their control.

“Joblio will take every step possible to ensure Ukrainian refugees receive the assistance they need,” Jon Purizhansky declared. “Displaced Ukrainian citizens should know that help is on the way.”

Displaced Ukrainian citizens will be sheltered and can use Joblio’s platform to find work in Romania, Poland, Moldova, and Germany, according to Joblio’s relocation experts. Joblio is already devising logistical systems to help as many Ukrainian citizens as possible during these trying times.

Who To Contact For Help:

Displaced Ukrainian nationals should reach out to Joblio for help via WhatsApp and Viber:

+373 69 883338

+373 68 855885

(General information on the state of the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine can also be found at the website for the United Nations Refugee Agency.

The United Nations has reported that “up to 4 million people” may flee Ukraine in the immediate future. Joblio is committed to safely relocating as many displaced Ukrainians as possible, and will provide shelter, food, and work opportunities across the European Union for refugees in need of assistance.

“To the people of Ukraine – Joblio stands by you and is ready to help you find fair paying jobs, food and shelter,” – says Jon Purizhansky. “We will continue to expand Joblio’s emergency assistance program in the coming days to ensure as many refugees are relocated as possible.”

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