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  • Jon Purizhansky

Looking For Workers Through Joblio

  • A critical shortage of bus drivers is harming economic growth in the EU

  • Joblio makes it easy to hire bus drivers when looking for workers

  • Joblio candidates are thoroughly vetted and ethically sourced to avoid Personnel issues

  • The Joblio team is ready to help you recruit foreign workers to end labour shortages

A disastrous labour shortage is fueling an industrial crisis that has companies everywhere looking for workers. In order to recover from this historic hiring crisis, businesses need a reliable pipeline of talented workers who can quickly fill shortages whenever they arise.

Countries recruiting foreign workers to fulfill domestic labour shortages is the obvious step forward. With the help of the Joblio platform, hiring can easily be accelerated without suffering the negative consequences of globalization and labour exploitation.

Looking For Workers Is Easy With Joblio

Companies and governments across Europe are looking for workers and want to hire bus drivers immediately. A lack of qualified drivers has led to a crippling labour shortage which means that fewer workers are being safely transported to their destinations than ever before. This, in turn, leads to reduced efficiency elsewhere in the economy.

Things are getting so bad that service shortages are now cropping up. The solution is hiring platforms like Joblio, which create natural talent pipelines that lead an endless supply of talented professionals to the hungry employers in need of additional workers.

“With Joblio’s help, hiring bus drivers and looking for workers becomes more efficient and ethical than ever before, all while remaining legally compliant,” says Joblio CEO Jon Purizhansky. “It’s because our partners allow us to tap into a global talent network that local competitors simply can’t compete with.”

By thoroughly vetting each and every candidate before contract negotiations begin, Joblio ensures that globalization and labour exploitation don’t have to be one and the same. Instead, we can forge new global connections that are ethically sourced, compliant with regulatory regimes, and guaranteed to solve our dire domestic labour shortages.

Recruiting foreign workers and integrating them successfully

Joblio has already helped countless companies from every corner of the world fulfill their hiring needs by recruiting foreign workers at scale. Our extensive vetting process ensures their documents are in order before travel begins while guaranteeing public health concerns aren’t brushed under the table during the recruitment process.

“With Joblio, companies hiring foreign workers to fill labour shortages always know exactly what they’re signing up for,” notes Jon Purizhansky. “Ethical global recruitment just got a whole lot easier.”

Tired of trying to figure out recruitment policy in Poland? Exhausted from late-night legal research about recruiting foreign specialists? Joblio’s expert team takes the stress out of hiring by connecting you directly with qualified candidates who are legally ready to start working as soon as possible.

Joblio’s success when it comes to helping businesses that are looking for workers stems from our commitment to integration. Our high-value candidates receive extensive support from our hiring platform to ensure they have everything they need in their new community as they get to work. By providing language services and the comforts of familiar cultural foods, Joblio has cultivated an unparalleled international talent pool ready to get to work.

European Roads Need More Drivers

Trucks and bus services across the EU are struggling due to a lack of qualified drivers. With the help of the Joblio platform, countries recruiting foreign workers can quickly fill these shortages and ensure public transportation needs are met without breaking the bank. It’s a win-win solution for employees and employers alike.

The current driver shortage is a global issue that demands an international response. By unifying behind the Joblio platform, countries recruiting foreign workers can ensure the ethical, efficient, and affordable hiring of workers at scale like never before. Without next-generation platforms like Joblio, our current service outages will only grow worse as time goes on.

Businesses which are looking for workers must understand that the hiring solution they desperately need is staring them in the face. By creating an international network where employers and job-seekers can easily find one another and effortlessly negotiate contracts, Joblio stands ready to help our global economy recover from this industrial crisis.

Looking to hire workers and take part in our global movement? Contact Joblio today and keep up to date with the Joblio blog, where we’re providing the latest hiring insights for recruiting foreign workers.

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