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Making Business Successful with Small Moves

Starting a small business can be frightening for beginners, and it requires plenty of careful planning. However, you need to be careful what strategies to apply to flourish your small business. Bigger plans don’t need to always work best, and you can always go on with small moves as well. The main part is that you must know how to tactfully apply those strategies. Flexibility and having good organizational skills will always lead to great success.

“The executive is the captain of the ship. When the ship sinks, the executive is the last person to step off the ship.” says Jon Purizhansky, the CEO of Joblio and a prominent New York lawyer. As an executive, the decisions you make will pave the way for the success of your business. This article covers some of the guidelines and tips that can help you make your business successful with small moves.

Organizational Skills

Being organized does not only refer to a neat and clean desk, but it involves time management logic and structure to manage life and increase efficiency both at home and in the workplace too. Good organizational skills in the workplace can surely help you prioritize work effectively. Also, you can improve workflow management if you have good organizational skills. Save time, reduced stress provide structure, prevent conflict with coworkers, save money, improve efficiency, and increase productivity.

As the CEO of a small business or startup, it is upon you to determine what your organizational structure will be. Jon Purizhansky states that “In a startup environment, the CEO is the person who sets strategies, goals, vision, mission, and establishes the company culture.” You should employ the same principle in your business.

Efficient Filing and Record-Keeping

This is very important. Having proper records of every business activity and keeping a check on the business insights will help you in the long run and will also save your time. When you fail to track proper records of your business activities, then it can have a detrimental impact on your efficiency, and most likely, there are no chances for your business to grow.


It is very important to keep a track of all the outstanding tasks you have to complete with your team members. Being able to see the bigger picture, it will be easy for you to assess which of the tasks are urgent, important, or less important. However, make sure that you have your end goal in mind that you want to achieve. Maintaining good organizational skills for your business will also allow you to be flexible with the capacity to re-prioritize and move between tasks accordingly.


Delegation does not mean only assigning tasks or positions to any random person. However, it means identifying trusted and capable candidates who can support your business and show their skills within the remit of their role. Providing support and guidance to your delegate will be beneficial in growing your business or bringing it one step forward towards the succeeding path.

Goal Setting

As an entrepreneur, you must possess the ability to set goals at work, and achieving them is reliant upon strong organizational skills and flexibility. Using a goal-oriented method of working allows you priority levels to your tasks. It may be helpful to first set your long-term goal, the outcome you are aiming towards, then break this down into smaller achievable tasks that you can tackle as an entrepreneur.

Learn from Your Competitors

To set your goals for greater success in your business, you must be able to identify your competitors and then analyze their success strategies. Once you succeed in finding out their success goals and methods, and if you implement them in your own business, then you may be lead your business towards a successful path.

Stay Focused and Be Creative

Your focus and creativity together can help you move your business towards the desired success road. However, it is not necessary that you will constantly be earning high profits or your business will instantly start to grow once you started. So you don’t need to lose your focus level here but remain consistent and firm to achieve your business targets. Also, focus on how you can be more creative in making your business products more attractive to the targeted customers. Make sure, you can stand out differently from your competitors. For this, you will need to various approaches and come up with highly-innovative ideas that are the best fit for your business.

Offer Great Service

Many businesses fail to understand the fact that providing great services to their valued customers is a vital part of your business. Always remember, whether you own a large company or a small business, customer feedback and opinion about your business’s services matter a lot. Once you provide them with their desired products of good quality or great services, they will become your regular customers and they can spread the goodwill of your business as well.

Bottom Line

Business goals are a significant part of establishing priorities and setting your business for success over some time. However, about 20 percent of businesses may succeed in the initial stage of starting a business. so there is no hassle. Normally businesses take time to grow and become popular. The main part is to focus and devote time to your business and also implement the above-mentioned tips to help succeed your business.

As Jon Purizhansky says, “There will be ups and downs — people getting excited or disappointed — and as the CEO I may have to make decisions that don’t make everyone happy.” Therefore, make sure to be confident in your decisions, and they will help you steer your company to success.

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