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  • Jon Purizhansky

Putting DEI Into Practice is Crucial, but Needs Improvement

A recent study by McKinsey & Company identified the gaps between DEI aspirations and aninfrastructure and resources to put the plans into action.

DEI, as any HR initiative, is time- and resource-consuming, and typical organizations don’t provide both. Nor do typical companies support DEI teams by implementing their strategies. This is where Joblio comes in as a trusted and actionable partner.

On Tuesday, May 30, Joblio and FGF Brands will host an event: Solving Talent Shortage Through Ethical Recruitment of Immigrants and Refugees.

One of the event speakers is Alina Shkolnik, renowned ESG expert, and Joblio’s member of the advisory board.

Her keynote: Driving Purpose-Driven Growth: The Business Case for Inclusive Hiring will cover the topic of how organizations can put DEI strategies into action by ethically hiring migrant and immigrant workers.

Sign up for this free event here.

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