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Ukrainian Refugees Find Employment In Ontario, Canada

Joblio Inc has today announced that it has successfully secured jobs for the first group of Ukrainian refugees resettled in Canada. The ethical recruitment platform is regarded as the gold standard in the field of cross-border employment and teamed up with Canadian companies to help the refugees find employment across Canada.

Since the beginning of the Russian invasion, Joblio has helped Ukrainian refugees fleeing the horrendous conflict to find employment in Canada. Jon Purizhansky, CEO and co-founder of Joblio Inc, has reiterated the company’s commitment to assisting refugees from Ukraine and insists that it will continue to channel its resources to facilitate their rapid introduction into safer countries.

“Our focus at Joblio is to revolutionize migrant assimilation by offering continuous support to help them face unexpected challenges.” – Jon Purizhansky.

Joblio Inc. efficiently handled all aspects of their job hunting process – from the preparation and execution of documents to resume development, search for sponsors, organization of meetings, and search for housing.

To ease the difficult affair of relocation, Starlight Investments came forward to provide accommodations for resettled refugees, with flexible terms to allow them to build stability without worrying about immediate bills. Founded in 2011, the North American Real Estate firm manages assets on behalf of publicly listed, institutional, and private investors and has reaffirmed its commitment to creating sustainable and modern living spaces where people want to live, work, shop, and play.

Our hearts and thoughts are with the people of Ukraine, and we will continue to do all we can to support and help them get through these trying times. We understand the challenges of a sudden move abroad and are working together to be as flexible as possible.”

– Simone Webb, Starlight Executive Director of National Leasing, Starlight Investments.

Founded by Jon Purizhansky and chaired by the former president of the Manpower Group David Arkless, Joblio operates more efficient recruitment, training, and retraining process for cross-border employment . The company’s proprietary Applicant Concierge Experience (ACE) program is focused on pre-departure and post-arrival community management, helping international job seekers to begin acclimating to their new homes even before they leave their countries of origin.

Differentiated from the non-transparent and inefficient practices of the current global migrant labor market, Joblio’s accessible global platform removes the unethical middlemen from the process, freeing up more economic value for both employers and laborers. Its streamlined and transparent hiring process results in faster applicant processing, higher employee satisfaction, and lower employee attrition.

To learn more about the revolutionary practices of the leading recruitment company please reach out to Joblio via the contact info below.

Media Contacts: Joblio, Inc. Attn: Media Relations Miami, FL 33180

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