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  • Jon Purizhansky

Why Should Corporate America Advocate for Ethical Global Labor?

Global ethics is one of the most contentious subjects when discussing the complicated world of economics. Because the United States of America is the world’s most powerful country, it has the most resources to be able to advocate for global ethical law.

America leads by example—the promise of the “American Dream” is alive and well for many immigrants these days. Along with leading by example, by our own ethical standards, it would seem to be fairest for Corporate America to step up and advocate for human rights around the world.

Arguably, America offers the most protection for any immigrant with our own labor laws, that is, if the migrant is legally allowed to stay in the US. America was built on immigration, and much of America’s power comes from its size and human capital, says NY based immigration attorney Jon Purizhansky. The country is reverberating with the voice of the founding fathers, with a focus on preservation of the inherent rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Just because unfair treatment isn’t happening on the “home front” in America does not mean the country cannot step in and do something about it. America has the resources, including voices and funds, to help continue developing ethical global labor laws to protect people around the world.

Corporations engage in unethical behavior because of their own poor standards and values, the ethical “climate” within the company, or as a result of their unrealistic expectations in employee performance, reflects Jon Purizhansky. This can be prevented. By advocating for enforcement of ethical global labor laws, America is giving the most valuable gift it could give to the rest of the world. Ultimately, better treatment results in happier workers, further resulting in better productivity, better organizations, and, finally, a better world. It all adds up in the big picture!

Of course America is not the only one who can advocate. When united with the Corporate European Union, together, these two powers could dramatically change the world for the better!

The right to fair pay for labor is a fundamental human right—yet it is so often overlooked or taken advantage of in other countries, noted Jon Purizhansky. Desperate people lack a voice and are therefore subject to abuse—but corporate America will be that voice! America has always been there to help when other counties are in crisis. Global ethics should be considered an emergency, and the sooner we put more attention into fixing it, then more stable economies will be, and more peace is likely spread throughout the world. That is especially important in times like these!

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